SBT Main Balance Check Number

SBT Main balance check Number: SBT means State Bank of Travancore, Banking has become one of the most sought after services in the current times. Banks have a major customer base starting from the grassroot level. the government is also working hard to introduce banking facilities to the rural pockets. Banks play a major role in accounting for the economic wealth.

the advantages of banking are that it is safe and secure, reliable and the services can be accessed from anywhere. Banks also provide good investment plans in the form of mutual funds or hedge loans which can be utilised by the common man. Banks provide custom investment plans based on the portfolio of an individual.

Banks also encourage the habit of saving through fixed deposit schemes. Banks are also a good and reliable source to procure loans be it for housing or education. The State bank of Travancore is one such bank which has been a reliable partner to its customers over the years.

Headquartered in Thiruvananthapuram, the State Bank of Travancore was originally a major subsidiary of the State Bank group. It was one of the five associate banks of the state bank group. Founded in 1945, it was the premier bank of Kerala. In 2017, the State Bank of Travancore merged with the State Bank of India along with four other subsidiaries.

the State bank of Travancore has its branches in 19 states. Its tagline ‘a long tradition of trust’ communicates to its customers that the bank is reliable and secure. Upgrading with the recent times, the bank provides a range of services such as internet banking, ATM debit and credit card facility and remote internet banking services.

The state bank of Travancore has introduced a range of services through which the customers may check their main balance. These remote services are easily accessible and can be utilized free of charge. Below listed are the methods through which one may check their main account balance.

SBT Main Balance Check Number

1. SBT Missed Call Service

If you have your phone number linked to your bank account, you can easily access your main balance details through the SBT Missed call Service. This method is safe and secure as it provides access to information only via the registered number.

Step 1: Dial 9223488888 through your registered number
Step 2: Press the call key. Call will disconnected automatically after 2 rings
Step 3: You will shortly receive a message containing your main account balance details

You can easily link your mobile number with your bank account by registering at the nearby SBT bank branch. Alternatively, you can also register mobile number with the Bank

To register your mobile number, send an SMS- “REGSBT <space> Account Number” to the number 09223488888.

You can also get your mini statement

Step 1: Dial 09223866666 fro your registered mobile number
Step 2: Press call key
Step 3: You will receive your mini statement in a few minutes via SMS

SBT Main Balance Check Number

2. SBT Internet Banking Service

you can check your main account balance by logging into your registered ID

Step 1: Visit the official website
Step 2: click on the login option in the personal banking section
step 3: login using your credentials
step 4: you may check your main account balance on the main page by clicking on the ‘click here for balance’ option


3. SBT smart touch app

Step 1: download the SBT Smart touch app
Step 2: register or login using your ID
Step 3: You can check the main account balance by selecting the option


4. SBT Phone Banking

You can also check your main account balance through call

Step 1: Dial Toll free number 18004255566
Step 2: Press call key
Step 3: Follow the steps provided by the operator by choosing the right options on your keypad
step 4: You will be directed to customer service through which you may procure your main account balance details

5. ATM
SBT account holders can also be informed about their account balance by visiting the nearing ATM center.

step 1: walk into any nearest ATM and swipe your SBT ATM/Debit card
step 2: enter the 4 digit ATM pin
step 3: Choose ‘Balance Enquiry/Check Account Balance’ Option
step 4: your main account balance will be displayed on ATM screen


6. Passbook service
the customer can also be informed about their main account balance by updating their passbook on a regular basis. customer can walk in to any branch of SBI to get their passbook updated.

we hope this section was helpful in resolving your main SBT balance enquiries. we shall continue to update this page for your easy access. Feel free to reach out to us for any queries. If you like this SBT Main balance check number article then share with your loved ones. 

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