SBH Balance Enquiry Number – Missed Call Banking

SBH Balance Enquiry Number – Missed Call Banking: Know SBH balance enquiry through missed call, balance enquiry through toll free number, sms, Internet Banking etc. State Bank of Hyderabad (SBH) endows its customers with a lot of enquiry methods when it comes to enquiring about their account balance. All you need to gather ample knowledge about the enquiry numbers to get the desired information.  The reason behind the need for these methods is that people do not have sufficient time to stand in the long queue while waiting for hours just to know the account balance.

Typically, it becomes quite challenging to visit the bank or the ATM only to see the balance, and therefore, the banks endow their customers with a lot of convenient methods. With these methods, you do not need to step out of your home to enquire about the account balance.

Though the service is available in every bank, the procedures may vary from one to another bank. Therefore, we are sharing a few methods from which you can opt the one you find effortless to check your balance in SBH such as sbh missed call banking, sbh balance enquiry through missed call.

SBH Balance Enquiry Number – Missed Call Banking

Check SBH balance with a call

Contacting the customer care for all of our bank enquiries have always been our favorite method. In this method, you do not need to make any efforts except making a call. All you need to dial the number 1800-425-1825 from your registered mobile number. After that, you will get the IVR options, and you need to press the one you want to enquire about.

Then, you will be connected to the customer care executive. You can ask him or her all the details about which you want to know. But, it would be best if you considered the most important thing is that nobody can ask you the OTPs. Therefore, you need to be aware of bank frauds, which can happen anywhere and anytime.

Check SBH balance by an SMS

When it comes to making the balance enquiry with the assistance of an SMS, the procedure is quite effortless. All you need to do is type “SBAL{space}User id{space}MPIN” and then send the same to 9223440000. For instance, you can take this as an example, such as SBAL abcd 1234.  It is also essential for you to consider that you are sending the message from a registered mobile number only. You require to wait for a few seconds to get the details.SBH Balance Enquiry Number toll free number

Check SBH balance online

State Bank of Hyderabad provides its customers with the option to have internet banking or mobile banking. In either of the online banking kits, the user gets a User Id and a password with which they can log on to their bank account.

For net banking, you can enter your login details on the official website, and then you will witness the screen showing all your account details. There will be a lot of options available on that screen. From all such alternatives, you need to click on “Show Balance.” After clicking that, you will be able to see the amount available in your bank account.

If you opt for mobile banking, then you first need to download the official application, SBH Touch. All you need to know is that it is an Android Application and does not support the Apple devices yet. After downloading the app, you need to enter your registration details, and then you will get to see the option with “View Balance.” Click on this option, and then you will get to know your account balance within a few seconds only.

While following these procedures, you must be aware of using a trusted device so that nobody can trace your password or other credentials. Apart from that, if someone is standing over your head, then you must hide the details anyhow because online banking information is very much private and confidential. Whenever you find your password is not in safe hands, then you should change your password instantly for better security.

Check SBH balance through a Missed Call toll-free number

If you want to check your State Bank of Hyderabad account balance, then you need to dial a number, and that is 092237-66666. This is the easiest way to check SBH Bank Balance through Missed Call

It is typically a toll-free number, and you can disconnect the call just after 2 or 3 seconds of dialing. Even if you do not disengage it yourself, then the line will be cut itself. Within a few seconds, you will receive a message from the bank. In that SMS, you will get to know the balance of your bank account.

Furthermore, the thing that you should know about making the call is that you need to call from the registered mobile number merely. The reason behind it is that missed call service is only available for the bank customers, not a random caller. Another exciting thing to know is that it will not charge you even a penny to make the call as it is a toll-free number. This toll-free calling service is available across the whole country regardless of the time you are making the call.

Also, if you want to get mini statement details, then you can dial 092238-66666 and follow the same procedure.


All in all, if you want to know your account balance, you need to follow a few steps. With this, you should also know that it is not the official website of State Bank of Hyderabad, therefore, sharing any account information in the comments box can be dangerous for you. But, it is also a fact that all the information provided above is valid in all respects, and you can surely follow these methods to count the pennies available in your bank account.

Along with this, you must be aware of frauds that have to begin increasing a lot these days.  Therefore, you must not share the confidential details with anyone such as OTP, net banking password, profile password, etc.

It would be best if you considered that banks never ask for OTP or any password on call or any message. Therefore, you need to contact your bank whenever you receive any such request or message to stay away from such frauds. Be a smart user and get the advantages of advance services but not get cheated.

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