Karnataka Bank Balance Enquiry Toll-Free Missed Call Number

Karnataka Bank Balance Enquiry Toll-Free Missed Call Number: Checking account balance is not such a big task that you have to knock the doors of the bank every time. The reason behind it is that banks endow their customers with such amazing facilities that people can solve the small queries themselves while sitting in their homes.

Identically, Karnataka Bank has also launched efficient and advanced services with which
customers can enjoy the digitalization to a great extent. Among those services, Karnataka
Bank entertains the bank balance queries most seriously.

Being one of the largest banks of the state, Karnataka Bank provides its users with the service to check account balance, mini statement and other small transaction details without standing in the long queues. The following are a few ways with which you can effortlessly check the account balance of your Karnataka Bank account.

Karnataka Bank Balance Enquiry Toll-Free Missed Call Number

Karnataka Bank Balance Enquiry Toll-Free Missed Call Number

Check Karnataka bank balance with a call Firstly, if you are Karnataka Bank customer, then you need to register yourself for the missed call facility. After that, merely one call will be able to solve your queries very effortlessly.

But, if you have already registered for the service, then you need to abide by the following
steps to know your account balance.

  1. Dial 800-425-1445 on your mobile phone.
  2. Make sure you give only a missed call.
  3. Then, you will get a revert from the bank.
  4. With this, you will get a message from the bank revealing the amount available in
    your bank account.

Note: You need to make sure that you do not let the call ring for more than 4 times otherwise you may have to bear the transaction charges.

Check Karnataka bank balance by an SMS

Another convenient method to check the account balance of your Karnataka Bank account
comes in the way of an SMS. In this method, you need to go through the below-written steps.
1) Type 9880654321 from your registered mobile number in the contact space to whom
you need to send the message.
2) Afterwards, you can type {BAL<space>Account Number / Account Nick Name}
3) Then, you can send the SMS to 9880654321 instantly.4) In the end, you will get a message from the bank with your account balance details.

Note: The thing that you need to keep in mind is none of the bank employees will ask you
about your OTPs, or ATM pin, or any other confidential details.

Check Karnataka bank balance online

In the world of digitalization, the best method is to know your Karnataka Bank account
balance with the help of mobile banking or internet banking.

Mobile banking: There are a lot of mobile applications for you to avail, in case you are using a Karnataka Bank account. To be specific if you download KBL mobile Plus app, then you need to sign up for the same. Then, you can enter your login details which will help you to know the account balance instantly.

Internet banking: Getting access to internet banking or net banking of the Karnataka Bank, you need to register at the bank for the same. Then, you will get the login details from the bank in the whole banking kit.You can fill those details in the net banking website of the Karnataka bank to know your account balance by clicking the right options.

Tip: Keep your user ID and password secret if you do not want to face any fraud in your
banking services and keep the security maintained.

Check Karnataka bank balance through a toll-free number

Karnataka bank cares for its customers a lot due to which they come with the latest services and facilities with full throttle. Inline to the same, they have got toll free numbers for endowing the customers with convenience. In this method, you do not need to do many efforts however you just need to call on 1800-425-1444. After that, you will get the IVR options from which you need to type the instructed numeric according to the IVR. Then you will get to know your account balance there and then.


It is not the official website of the Karnataka Bank, therefore, you are requested to keep your banking information private rather than sharing the same in the comments section below. Though you can trust the whole information provided here, if you still persist in any issue, you can call the customer care for your satisfaction. If you want to know identical information about any other bank, then you can check our other web pages.

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