Dhanlaxmi Bank Balance Enquiry Number – Updated

Dhanlaxmi Bank Balance Enquiry Number: India is a land of diverse cultures. the origin of the centuries old language sanskrit originated in india. indian scriptures carry wisdom and business knowledge which are practical even in the current times. india with its rich resources was a major participant in trade and exports. Indian good were exported to all parts of the world during the indus valley civilization.

taking inspiration from the rich heritage of the country, Dhanlaxmi bank has aptly chosen its name from two sanskrit words. Dhan refers to wealth and Laxmi refers to the Goddess of wealth.

Headquartered in Thrissur, the bank started off with 7 employees and a modest capital of Rs.11000/-. it now boasts of 280 branches and 398 ATMs across a number of states. Dhanalaxmi bank is very practical in its operations and prides on offering round the clock services to the patrons.

the bank is also a reliable source for those wishing to invest in stocks and shares. it offers demat accounts in select branches. the bank also offers a range of services in collaboration with other financial institutions such as online trading in association with religare securities and insurance through  CANARA HSBC OBC LIFE company as their partner.

taking a cue from its round the clock services, Dhanalakshmi bank has offered 24*7 free services for the patrons to check their bank account balance. Below listed are the methods through which one may check their bank account.

Dhanlaxmi Bank Balance Enquiry Number

1. Dhanlaxmi Missed Call Service
You can easily access your main balance details through toll free number introduced by Dhanalaxmi bank. This method is safe and secure as it provides access to information only via the registered number.

Step 1: Dial  +918067747700 through your registered number
Step 2: Press the call key. the call will automatically get disconnected after two rings.
Step 3: You will shortly receive a message containing your main account balance details

the service is limited to a usage of five times per day after which a nominal charge of Re.1/- is levied.

Alternatively, you can get the last 3 months Statement of your Account to your email by giving a missed call to +918067747711.
you can also Give missed call to +918067747733 to get the One Day statement of your accounts to your email.



Give a Missed Call from your registered Mobile number to:
+91-80-67747700 to get instant SMS with your account(s) balances.
+91-80-67747711 to get the last 3 months E-Statement of your A/cs to your mailbox.
+91-80-67747733 to get the One Day E-Statement of your A/cs to your mailbox.
+91-88-93553553 to disable/enable your Debit cards


2. Dhanalaxmi Internet Banking Service

you can check your main account balance by logging into your registered ID

Step 1: Visit the official website of Dhanalaxmi Bank
Step 2: click on the login option in the personal banking section
step 3: login using your credentials
step 4: you may check your main account balance on the main page by clicking on the ‘click here for balance’ option

Dhanlaxmi Bank Balance Enquiry Number

3. Cointab app

Dhanlaxmi bank is registered on the cointab app which provides 24*7 services to check your bank balance free of cost.

Step 1: download the cointab app
Step 2: register or login using your number registered with dhanalxmi bank
Step 3: choose dhanalaxmi bank from the list of registered banks
step 4: you will be required to register using your debit card details through a secure gateway
You can now avail the facilities through the app such as main account balance check


4. ATM

Dhanalaxmi account holders can also be informed about their account balance by visiting the nearing ATM center.

step 1: walk into any nearest ATM and swipe your Dhanalaxmi ATM/Debit card
step 2: enter the 4 digit ATM pin
step 3: Choose ‘Balance Enquiry/Check Account Balance’ Option
step 4: your main account balance will be displayed on ATM screen


5. Passbook service
the customer can also be informed about their main account balance by updating their passbook on a regular basis. customer can walk in to any branch of Dhanalaxmi to get their passbook updated.

we hope this section was helpful in resolving your Dhanlaxmi Bank Balance Enquiry Number. we shall continue to update this page for your easy access. Feel free to reach out to us for any queries.

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